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Just out and about

 Today I was just out and about on a photo shoot with remarkable Al D, When his medium format camera decided to shut down on him. Ha Ha!! So,  I get to make fun of him today instead of him making fun of me. Which is plus for me today I get to make fun of him!!!

Today at Mason Land Preserve I photographed Painted Turtles, a turkey vulture , a dead opossum in a puddle, lots of variety of song birds and many more things while we explored and adventured out in Mason Land.

This weather is really strange now that it feels like spring but its winter .. Thanks a lot Mother nature for this strange warm weather after all the winter weather we had last week.

I photographed this very cool stump with fungus growing inside of it along with the log behind it that is blurred out.

I found new things along the way to photograph here today which compared to before. I have learned more about nature photography which is what I do for a living as a nature and wildlife photographer.

Seen here in the photo I took a photo of moss on a tree branch which is very cool to do during the winter season.

I also learned more about how to do more reflections in photographs today. This is very cool to do when its a blue sky along with tree branches that have been reflected into the water which is very cool to photograph.

Believe it or not the Winter season for nature photographers is very slow but compared to the other seasons its usually more nature and wildlife to photograph along with pollinators and spiders and other things.

I hope everyone enjoys this week but otherwise someone that I know might have his camera not working again on a another photo shot on Friday I meant you Al D.


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